Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The First Class Engines Blog

   Hi there, and welcome to the blog for First Class Engines: one of the top rated sellers of automotive engines and transmissions used and rebuilt! 

We will be using this blog to post news and information regarding sales, new products and information regarding our best selling engines. The blog is just taking off in order to help spread the news about what First Class Engines is up to currently. 

There will be posts weekly so feel free to keep up to date and leave us your comments! We will happily lend you additional information and assistance in regards to our products, sales, or questions about our business. 

Like I said, this blog is just taking off, but we hope to build a way to keep up to date with our consumers and have a way besides social media to keep in touch with everyone.

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  1. WAIT!! Do not buy from this company!! My name is Carlos Magdaleno Sr. And Buck the owner of First Class Engines failed in his warrwnty promise to me!! and to Steeds Auto as a possible future customer. After sending two Defective engines to me and returning both, my cae a ford flex lay lifted on a hoist and in position for the install of the pending replacement engine. (First engine received had a crack on the block next to the heads. The second came compromised as it was missing screws and seals had been exposed and were no longer good.inbought an engine to save money but resealing would cost approx. 1000.00. That.said after for 5 weeks and of my ford flex causing delays for the shop I chose to assist me I decided to buy and engine from Steeds Auto.First Class Engines committed committed to 1400.00 refund for all my trouble, emails, phone calls, and extra wrapping supplies that I have to buy for shipping back the bad engines. Well that was April 10 approx. And till this day buck has not refunded the full amount of 1400.00 as he should instead has ignored my calls and emails for the last month and today 7/16/2019 he took it upon himself to say.".maFuck you


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