Friday, May 11, 2018

Taking a Look at the Ford Explorer Engine

    As we, at First Class Engines, update our website and social media pages we'll be looking at some of our top selling engines on this blog to find out whether it's worth buying a used engine, getting a re manufactured one, or just not bothering with this vehicle at all. We'll cover some base line statistics of the engines along with some pros, followed by cons, and then ending with our personal opinion on the engine. Please keep in mind that, these next several posts about individual vehicles will be mostly for those looking to have repairs done on their engines by a shop or professional. If you are a shop or professional, you probably already know it all. Even so, please feel free to leave your opinions in the comments down below!

   When looking to buy a replacement for your Ford Explorer engine, you probably are already aware of how reliable this vehicle is. Most likely it had a big issue from misuse or it has a monumental amount of miles on it, that caused you to look for a replacement. With a 3.5 liter v-6 engine you get the price you pay in this car. Engines normally go for up to 1,600 U.S dollars used. That depends on year and mileage though, so let's say that this Explorer engine has 30k miles on it from 2014. Higher mileage means lower price.  A re manufactured version of the Explorer engine is costly, at about $2,600, so I wouldn't recommend it unless you love that new engine sound. However, you will maintain a high resell value for the entire vehicle if you do go with the reman. As a seller I have talked to many customers who are replacing these engines at about 200k or more miles, so don't worry too much if you're offered a cheaper used engine with ninety thousand miles. The Explorer definitely goes the extra mile.

Used 2015 Explorer Engine
   Looking at any website that differentiates the pros and cons of vehicles, you'll be able to tell at a glance that, for the Explorer, the pros already outweigh the cons. With a comfortable interior, with excellent leg room, space for extra passengers, and smooth handling, acceleration, etc; what's not to love. But you bought the car, you already knew that. Let's talk about the engine itself. 

The three engine choices for the explorer include a 3.5 v-6 with 290 horsepower and 255 pound per foot torque. To put that in perspective, an absurd amount of horsepower would be 600-700 hp. The kind that you have to constantly hold back when you're driving to work on a busy road. And a minimalist horsepower would probably be about 50-70 horse which is what my uncle's 2000 Toyota Prius runs at to get him 10 miles per day to work and back. What I'm trying to say is that the base size engine for the Explorer is powerful, but not a chore to drive on busy roads. The other choices: a 2.3 liter which has less power but much better gas mileage and a 3.5 liter ecoboost v-6 engine which gives more power and less mileage than the first choice.

   If there were any negatives to the engine of this car it would be a few minor things over the course of it's life. Things that are little, but definitely annoying. Stuff like spark plugs randomly ejecting from the engine, random stalling on the ecoboost version of the engine (as well as it is seemingly under-powered), and problems with the engines computer. The thing that puts the check engine light on for no reason. It is a big crossover vehicle as well so gas mileage does become an issue. 

   Overall, many people love the Ford Explorer, car and engine included, and we at First Class Engines are no different. It runs quietly, problems that arise are fixed easily and quickly, it feels powerful, like a 4x4 truck without the bed. I have my own explorer from 2010 and it has about 140,000 miles on it. My dad and I drove round the country for trips like Niagara Falls, Rocky Mountains, Mount Rushmore, and a trip to Arizona. If I can recall we only ever had one problem on those trips and it had nothing to do with the engine, a small axle alignment issue, I wouldn't recommend getting a re manufactured engine for this vehicle unless you're intent on keeping a high resell value for your Explorer. If not, a used one for cheaper would serve you just as well.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

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   Hi there, and welcome to the blog for First Class Engines: one of the top rated sellers of automotive engines and transmissions used and rebuilt! 

We will be using this blog to post news and information regarding sales, new products and information regarding our best selling engines. The blog is just taking off in order to help spread the news about what First Class Engines is up to currently. 

There will be posts weekly so feel free to keep up to date and leave us your comments! We will happily lend you additional information and assistance in regards to our products, sales, or questions about our business. 

Like I said, this blog is just taking off, but we hope to build a way to keep up to date with our consumers and have a way besides social media to keep in touch with everyone.

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Taking a Look at the Ford Explorer Engine

    As we, at First Class Engines, update our website and social media pages we'll be looking at some of our top selling engines on this...